Comics, have been one of the most influential, prolific and popular media throughout the twentieth century. They have reflected the society they are created in with intense clarity and unmatched honesty. They have also been in the forefront of change by being the harbinger of newly emerging values and practices. They have bred some of the finest artists of the modern age, while being regarded as nothing more than senseless junk, and despite their immense importance in understanding modern popular culture and the society that lives and breathes within it, the story of comics is mostly an untold one.
Although there are some early attempts, it is only in the past two decades that comics are started to be regarded as worthy topics of historical and academic study and the body of work that have so far emerged can only be described as patchy.
My aim in this blog to map out the current scene of comic book studies and review some of the most remarkable and important works in a roughly chronological order. Such an organization will also reveal interesting details about the evolution of the study of comics.
I am hoping to provide, a personal, guide to reading the current literature in comics, illustrating what each book would help in what way and for which type of reader.

It would be fantastic if this blog could somehow become a platform for discussing reader opinions about these, and other, books on comics but if I could provide some constructive opinion about one of these books for someone who is curious, my goal would be achieved.