Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud

Although Eisner's work was a pioneer in studying comics, Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics (1994) might be the single most influential book written about comics so far. Disguised as a very easy to read comic book, a very brilliant idea in itself, McCloud dissects the language of comics from a variety of perspectives.
From a philosophical dissection of the place of comics within the general scheme of artistic expression to the details of storytelling, McCloud presents an extremely coherent and deep study which renders his work as an essential for anyone who is interested in studying and understanding comics.
One of my aims in this blog is to summarize the works I review, but trying to summarize Understanding Comics is almost impossible, since it is a very dense work, despite its accessibility.
So, if you decide to read only one book about comics, this should be it, for it will certainly convince you to go out and read more. An absolute must.