Imagining Global Amsterdam

History, Culture, and Geography in a World City

Edited by Marco de Waard and released in 2012 by the Amsterdam University Press, distributed in the US by the University of Chicago Press, this volume features an edited and updated version of my paper co-authored with Dr. Joyce Goggin, presented at the 2009 conference Imagining Amsterdam, re-titled "Romance and Commerce: Imagining Global Amsterdam in the Contemporary Historical Novel".

The book is available through the publisher's website as well as online retailers and local bookshops. 

The abstract for the collection from AUP: 

Imagining Global Amsterdam brings together new essays on the image of Amsterdam as articulated in film, literature, art, and urban discourse, considered within the context of globalization and its impact on urban culture. Subjects include: Amsterdam’s place in global cultural memory; expressions of global consciousness in Amsterdam in the ‘Golden Age’; articulations of Amsterdam as a tolerant, multicultural, and permissive ‘global village’; and globalization’s impact ‘on the ground’ through city branding, the cultural heritage industry, and cultural production in the city.