Intertextuality in the Dreaming

Theory and Application of Intertextuality to Neil Gaiman's Graphic Novel, The Sandman

8th Annual Graduate Student Conference, Department of English - Southern Connecticut State University, 2007.



My first project to be presented at an international conference, this paper was about the fruitful applicability of the theory of intertextuality to the comic book medium. As a sample work, I choose Neil Gaiman's The Sandman as it is arguably the richest text in comics in terms intertextual depth. At a time when the academic study of comics was still a risqué endeavour, my attempt in this paper was to develop my understanding both of comics and the theory of intertextuality. My co-panelists at the small comic book event at the end of the conference taught me a lot with their papers and the conference hosts were incredibly welcoming and hospitable.