Serialization in Popular Culture

Serialization in Popular Culture, recently released by Routledge includes a chapter by me titled "Circling the Infinite Loop, One Edit at a Time: Seriality in Wikipedia and the Encyclopedic Urge".

Here is the description of the book from the publisher:

From prime-time television shows and graphic novels to the development of computer game expansion packs, the recent explosion of popular serials has provoked renewed interest in the history and economics of serialization, as well as the impact of this cultural form on readers, viewers, and gamers. In this volume, contributors—literary scholars, media theorists, and specialists in comics, graphic novels, and digital culture—examine the economic, narratological, and social effects of serials from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century and offer some predictions of where the form will go from here.

You can purchase the book from Amazon and iBooks or ask for it to be ordered by your university library.

My thanks to the brilliant editors of the volume Rob Allen and Thijs van den Berg for inviting me to contribute and wonderfully carrying this project to completion.